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Jeremiah Day: Awake and You’re in Motion (Response to Brief from Bristol Radical Historian)

Saturday 19 July 2014 to Sunday 09 November 2014, 08:00 to 17:00

Jeremiah Day presents a newly commissioned piece based on the contentious history of the M32 and the impact it had on the lives of Bristol residents.

Awake and You’re in Motion (Response to Brief from Bristol Radical Historian) investigates the issue of historical memory and urban transformation, in particular how the experience of place and capacity for public life are impacted by large scale top-down development.

Jeremiah Day met with members of the Bristol Radical History Group, and when discussing how they might contribute to The Promise there was a spontaneous suggestion that the exhibition somehow be realised along the M32, shared directly with those communities who live with the consequences of its development. While the planned motorway to Clifton wasn’t built following protests in the 1960s, houses in the more disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Easton and St Pauls were still destroyed to make space for this key route from the north into the commercial centre of the city.

Within Day’s work, this commissioned project is unusually site-specific, presented through a series of lithographs pasted to the pillars supporting the M32. The artist creates connections between the roundabout and the standing stones of Stanton Drew, another monumental artefact defining the landscape. Handwritten texts accompany the images, tracing links and parallels between these two sites and the problem of historical memory. An additional set of posters is displayed in the galleries at Arnolfini, along with documentation of a performance by the artist made at the roundabout.

Location of installation:

Junction 2 roundabout (Eastville) of the M32 (pillars) and Arnolfini galleries.

As part of the project, Day will perform at the junction 2 roundabout of the M32, at 12 noon on Saturday 19 July.

Map of all offsite projects.

Jeremiah Day works through performance and photography, using these to explore processes of storytelling. He also uses these techniques to engage with and draw out elements of the cities and places with which he works.

This exhibition is part of The Promise. The Promisefocuses on the relationship between a city’s design and the hopes and ambitions of its residents. Exhibitions and events will take place in the Arnolfini galleries and across the city of Bristol throughout the summer.

The project by Jeremiah Day is made possible through the support of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen Stuttgart.

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This event is part of The Promise
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