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Low Brow Trash one/eight hundred (work-in-progress)

Wednesday 06 February 2002 to Thursday 07 February 2002, 23:00

Thursday 7 and Friday 8 February
Opening times 1.00pm - 7.00pm
Low Brow Trash
one/eight hundred (work-in-progress)
You enter your home late at night to find someone in your kitchen. You see a knife on the surface next to you - do you pick it up? By employing a variety of approaches, one/eight hundred aims to examine individual and collective views on crime, law and justice.
This, the first phase of a larger project is a presentation of interactive screen based media and installation. Low Brow Trash will work with you via a series of interviews in which you are invited to give your views, feelings and experiences of being a victim or a criminal. Please contact the box office to book your time slot. Alternatively, you are free to enter the auditorium to witness the work unfold or visit
An Arnolfini Live Method Lab Commission

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