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Martin del Amo Notes to Myself, Vol. 1

Thursday 02 November 2006, 23:00

Fri 3 Nov 7.30pm
Martin del Amo
Notes to Myself, Vol. 1
£8.00/£6.00 concs
After performing at the Inbetween Time festival earlier this year, Sydney-based dance artist Martin del Amo returns. Notes to Myself, Vol 1 is a double bill that presents an established work alongside a new one, so offering insight into Martin’s body of work, which spans a period of ten years.

In A Severe Insult to the Body, the half-naked body of a man stands trapped in a pool of light. His body parts are moving simultaneously, but independently from each other.

The second work-in-progress, Version blends dance with spoken text to explore themes of placement/displacement and location/dislocation. This is the first draft of a new full-length solo that premieres at Performance Space in Sydney in March 2007. A reflection on an ongoing process as much as a work in its own right, Version integrates dance with spoken text.

‘Del Amo... performs what can only be described as the dance of a man trying to escape his own hips’ Tim Atack, Realtime.

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