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Matthew Drage: Peristalsis

Thursday 25 April 2013, 09:00 to 12:00

A three-hour workshop, in which Drage will take participants through a set of exercises which aim to create a new awareness of the languages of peristalsis – the waveform muscular movement that pushes foods through the digestive system.

With: Matthew Drage

Our bodies' tubes respond complexly to appetite and diet, to the eddy of bacteria, to salival buildups, to stress and love. They urge us onwards from within, gathering up the world, making the world flesh. Join artist Matthew Drage in this practical workshop where questions of diet, desire and survival will be addressed through discussion, meditation, group hypnosis and body work.

Please note that places for this workshop are limited and booking in advance is recommended. Please call Box Office on 0117 917 2300 or use the 'book' button above.

This event is part of Total Vitality, a project by Leslie Kulesh and Laura McLean-Ferris exploring changing conceptions of mind, body, wellness and physical experience in a highly technologised age.

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August 2017
Thursday 17 August 2017

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