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Michael Curran Look What They Done To My Song Dark Studio

Friday 16 November 2007 to Saturday 05 January 2008, 23:00

Sat 17 Nov- Sun 6 Jan 08
Michael Curran
Look What They Done To My Song
Dark Studio

Look What They Done To My Song is a new video work by artist Michael Curran. Featuring a number of musical performances played out against an improvised theatrical backdrop, the work investigates how music and songs become a means of defining our experiences as we use them to relax or inform our moods and emotions. During the editing process the recorded footage of the performances has been manipulated, creating a series of new rhythms, counterpoints and silences, which explore the construction of songs and narrativity and provide an atmosphere almost like that of a séance.

The songs are sung by three performers, each from a different genre. The work takes its name from a 60s folksong by Melanie Safka - a song that could suggest the unravelling of a singer and song.

Look What They Done To My Song was commissioned by Matt’s Gallery, London, and will be accompanied by a free publication that includes a CD of the performances.

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