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Saturday 14 September 2019, 11:00 to 18:00

As part of Still I Rise, Arnolfini is proud to host the Mobile Feminist Library - sharing the collection of ephemera and reading material, and highlighting the precarity of activist, community-run spaces.

The Mobile Feminist Library was conceived by artists Kristin Luke and Minna Haukka as a space for collaborative practice and radical education. Working by hand and using pieces of wooden fencing, Luke converted a van into a reconfigurable space with pull-out furniture. She then worked with volunteers from the Feminist Library in London to fill the vehicle with books, zines and journals

In 2015, the Feminist Library – a large archive of feminist literature in south London – was served an immediate increase in rent by Southwark Council of over fifty percent. Unable to meet this increase, the library was faced with eviction, and a large campaign to save it followed. Whilst they initially won the right to remain in the premises, the building was ultimately scheduled for redevelopment. During a long search, and crowdfunding campaign, to find a new, permanent home, the Mobile Feminist Library van has enabled some of its collection to continue to be visible and accessible to readers.


Visiting Arnolfini for the Still I Rise opening weekend, Mobile Feminist Library invites visitors to browse their collection - and share stories about connections to particular texts that you may discover or reconnect with in the van. In this way, Mobile Feminist Library (like other precarious archives) can be kept alive through these sorts of intimate connections.

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