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Motor Vehicle Sundown Event


This 'event score' by George Brecht was published in Jackson Mac Low and La Monte Young, eds., 'An Anthology', New York 1963 and reprinted in 1970 by Heiner Friedrich, Munich, one of the books included in the exhibition.

An open invitation was made to anyone with a motor vehicle to participate in this performance of George Brecht's work. Participants were then able download, print and make the set of instruction cards needed in order to take part, prior to the event.

At sundown (relatively dark/open area...) the performers leave a central location, simultaneously counting out in seconds a pre-arranged duration one and a half times the maximum required for any performer to reach, and seat himself in, his vehicle. At the end of this count each performer starts the engine of his vehicle and subsequently acts according to the directions on his instruction cards, read consequtively as dealt. (An equivalent pause is to be substituted for an instruction referring to non-available equipment.) Having acted on all instructions, each performer turns off the engine of his vehicle and remains seated until all vehicles have ceased running.
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September 2017
Saturday 23 September 2017

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