Survey by Qualaroo

Mountain of 8

Thursday 02 April 2009, 22:00

Fri 3 Apr, 6.00pm - 11.30pm
£12.50 Adv
Featuring Dirty Projectors & Polar Bear With Wildbirds & Peacedrums/Matt Elliott/Lucky Dragons/Gary Smith/Silver Pyre/Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan
A summit of bands, duos and solo projects that reaches for the elastic pinnacle. Dirty Projectors are wild for concepts, sassy suggestions and deconstructed rock and roll. They cram influences, instruments and literary themes into radio-pop size songs. Polar Bear's incendiary jazz rock blends and contrasts hypno-groove, improv primitivism and skronk.

Also on the mountain are Swedish free-blues soul-pop duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Matt Elliott's howling, bewitching song, Gary Smith (of Aufgehoben) playing electric guitar like no other and the tropical sounds and gorgeous dexterity of Lucky Dragons. Fellow adventures include the broken sonic spells of Silver Stairs of Ketchikan and the West Country pastoral/industrial duo Silver Pyre. Peak to peak music actioneering.

A Qu Junktions production in collaboration with Arnolfini.

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