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New Bristol Dance Centre opens in temporary premises at St. Mary's-on-the-Quay, Colston Avenue, on the Centre.

Sunday 11 January 1981, 23:00

After months and years of frustrating and abortive negotiations over various premises, the Bristol Dance Centre Project has decided to take temporary premises for a period of six months at a Gymnasium attached to the church of St. Mary's-on-the-Quay Colston Avenue on the West side of the Bristol centre. The Dance Centre opens on 12 January with a full daily programme of classes and workshops a variety of contemporary, classical and ethnic dance techniques. Saturday morning classes in contemporary technique will now be held at the Dance Centre and not at Arnolfini and a new series of classes organized by Sarah Rubidge, taken by a variety of visiting professional dancers, and covering the full range of Graham, Cunningham, lease, Contact, and related techniques, will begin on 17 January.
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