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Nils Bech - Look Inside with Eirik Sæther

Thursday 17 January 2013, 18:30 to 19:15

Look Inside with Eirik SætherNils Bech opens 4 Days with a performance concert in gallery one featuring songs from sophomore album ‘Look Inside’.

With: Nils Bech

‘Look Inside’ is a story detailing a romantic encounter and how it caused the ​​singer to look at himself and confront certain things.  Performed alongside a projected image of an artwork by fellow Norwegian Eirik Sæther and featuring musician Julian Skar, this is Bristol’s first opportunity to meet Nils Bech – an unusual gentlemen who explores the tensions between art and dance, contemporary music and pop music.

Following Bech’s debut album ‘Look Back’ from 2010, ‘Look Inside’ is released on 11th January 2013. It features arrangements from contemporary composer Ole Henrik Moe, considered one of Scandinavia's most important classical composers. "I wanted to make an album that brought together genres that may feel opposite, but still feels very close to me" says Bech, ‘Look Inside’ is a journey through the different emotions and tensions of a relationship, involving listeners through states of vulnerability and suspicion – as well as joy and bliss "…it  tells the story of a romantic meeting that made me take a new look at myself and defy parts of my personality that I've brought with me my whole life”.

Nils Bech’s way of making connections between musical genres and across different settings sets him apart as a truly original artist.

Download the full programme here.

This event is part of 4 Days - January
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