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Performance Re-enactment Society: Act 4


After Yoko Ono's' instruction paintings', published in her book 'Grapefruit', the Performance Re-enactment Society produced a collage of instructions to be carried out with gallery visitors on a selection of paintings bought from e-bay.

Choose a landscape painting.
Take it outside.
Drill or burn eyeholes in the painting.
Hold it up and look at it.
See the landscape and imagine you are there.
Look through the holes in the canvas and see the city.

Wear the landscape as a mask, with the back to your face.
Look through the holes drilled in the painting.
Go back inside wearing it.
Return it to the gallery wall.

After a text and photographic work contained within Allan Kaprow's book 'Two Measures', the Performance Re-enactment Society created a performance where Claire puts her face in cold water until her face feels cold. Hot air is then blown on Claire's face with a hair dryer until her face is dry. Tom recorded Claire's feelings, using a voice recorder, throughout.
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November 2017
Saturday 25 November 2017

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