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Reckless Sleepers Work-in-progress: Sleeper

Friday 28 September 2001, 22:00

Saturday 29 September 8.00pm
Reckless Sleepers
Work-in-progress: Sleeper
Sleeper takes place in that frayed half-light of early morning after yet another sleepless night. Or did you sleep? You are no longer sure what is real and what is a dream. You are so tired you could cry. Sleeping is the only thing you can think about but you can not bring it on. Continuing their ongoing collaboration with Arnolfini, this groundbreaking company present an opportunity to see a work-in-progress that draws on research into the effects of sleep deprivation and insomnia. The company recreate the twilight world between dream and waking in a performance which will tour the UK and Europe in 2002.
Co-commissioned by Arnolfini Live and Tramway.
£3.00/£2.00 concessions
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