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Reverend Billy & the Gospel Choir of Stop Shopping

Tuesday 26 May 2009, 22:00

£10.00/£2.50 Children
Hallelujah! Your saviour is at hand. Reverend Billy and his magnificent Gospel Choir of Stop Shopping will sing, preach, charm, berate, seduce and rescue you, all in one evening. If you feel we're suffering from shopping overload, if you're concerned about a world rife with global advertising, multinational control, global warming, packaging, supermarket domination, TV merchandising and all the rest of rampant free marketeering in a profit driven wicked and dirty world... then help is at hand my friends. Come one, come all, bring friends family, children, all welcome. An evening that will delight and charm even the most hardened devotee of the shopping culture. Hallelujah!

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