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Tour of the University of Bristol Botanic Garden

Sunday 19 May 2013, 08:00 to 14:00

Join in with celebrations for International Fascination of Plants Day at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. Please note that this event is only bookable through the Bristol University Botanic Garden. More details to follow.

Ever wondered how many things are living in your garden? Or what does the world look like to a bee? There is a wealth of diversity in gardens that goes unnoticed, from the important native plants that sneak in as ‘weeds’ to life at a microscopic scale. The University of Bristol Botanic Garden will become a living science lab for the day to explore the hidden world of plants.

Take part in a plant hunt in the wild flower meadow with prizes for the most species discovered! Bring in flowers from your own garden to study under UV light and view them through the eyes of a bee. Trek through Bristol’s own desert and tropical rainforest to discover the fascinating ways that plants adapt to living successfully in extreme environments. There is much more to plants than meets the eye so join scientists from the University of Bristol Botanic Garden and Biology Department as they reveal the secrets of our gardens.

A visit will give you an opportunity to view the Seeds of Change display set amongst the Garden’s extensive plant collections. Tours available of the Garden throughout the day, (no booking required). For further information on the International Fascination of Plants Day programme please click here.

Location: University Botanic Garden, Stoke Bishop

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This event is part of Seeds of Change: A Floating Ballast Seed Garden.
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