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Several 2nds: Performing With Sounding Objects

Wednesday 09 April 2014, 16:30 to 19:00

An evening of demonstrations and short performances exploring movements away from the constraints of traditional musical 'notes' and rhythmic patterns.

Improvisers and composers are open to discovering the sonic potential of anything that can make sound, be it acoustic objects or electronic and digital technologies, regardless of their original intended function. Rich sound material can be found through performative explorations in a process that can be thought of as 'instrumentalising sounding objects'. Over the last 60 years objects such as stones, polystyrene, fridges, audio mixing desks, and dictaphones have all been re-imagined as sonic instruments. This approach of engaging with the sounding phenomena of the object is also fruitful on more established musical instruments such as the clarinet, double bass, or the skin and frame of a bass drum.

This evening's event will be an open discussion on both the practicalities and the artistic intent of this practice, aided by demonstrations and short performances by Stuart Chalmers (Amalgam), Seth Cooke (Bang the Bore) and Andy Keep (Bath Spa University).

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This event is part of Several 2nds: tracing countercurrents in sound.

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This event is part of Several 2nds
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