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Several 2nds: Twelve Tapes

Wednesday 11 June 2014, 17:30 to 20:00

The Bang the Bore collective celebrates its five year anniversary in 2014. For Several 2nds they will present the collaborative composition Twelve Tapes, for sine waves and recordings of car parks.

Twelve Tapes deals with both physical sound phenomena and ideas of audio culture, using the action of imperfect cassette recorder playback to create immersive clouds of hovering tone from pure sine waves, and at the same time referencing the cassette's place in DIY cultural history and its links to in-car audio and car-park gatherings.

Collaborative musical activity – such as Twelve Tapes – has been a hallmark of the Bang the Bore collective since its inception. At Arnolfini they will not only be workshopping and performing the composition: they will also be using it as a springboard for a discussion regarding collaboration in experimental music and how it has informed Bang the Bore’s history.

The construction of the field recordings and subsequent performance of Twelve Tapes at Arnolfini are open to anyone who wants to contribute or take part, regardless of your background or level of previous experience. A score – containing detailed instructions – and a sine wave recording are available for download HERE, and you can email BANG THE BORE with any questions.

We recommend that you get in touch first so that they can talk you through the project.

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This event is part of Several 2nds: tracing countercurrents in sound.

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This event is part of Several 2nds
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