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Sharon Gal - l’espirit d’escalier

Sunday 20 January 2013, 12:30 to 13:00

What is a memory of a place? Is there a spirit hidden in its architecture, in its history? Can we trace it and call upon it to manifest?


The result of an extended workshop l'esprit d'escalier is an experimental and collaborative group composition for voices in a staircase, part of Arnolfini’s 4 Days. This performance is led by performer and musician Sharon Gal whose practice often involves vocal free improvisation, and is a collaboration between people of various vocal abilities and singing experience. The work suits many voices, trained or untrained operating in unison, if you would like to take part please read the information below and send an email. We are accepting 15-20 people, aged 16 and over.

Inviting participation in a search for the spirit of the staircase - l'esprit d'escalier is a process of awakening, exploring the unique characteristics of the space and developing a collective sound together.

The piece develops its identity as each individual negotiates and interprets the instructions. “We all have a voice. Each voice is unique.” Sharon Gal

Video documentation of a previous l’espirit d’escalier

If you’re interested in being part of l’espirit d’escalier and would like to sign-up for the workshop and performance please email with the words SPIRIT in the subject heading. It’s an open call workshop, over two days, starting on Saturday 19th January at 6.30pm until 9.30pm, and continuing on Sunday 20th January from 10am until the performance at 2pm.

Taking part in is free l’espirit d’escalier however following the email exchange you will be asked to pay a re-fundable deposit of £5 via a booking webpage, returned to you at Arnolfini box office following the performance. Places are limited, but a returns/reserve list will be operated for those who book once capacity is reached.

Download the full programme here.

This event is part of 4 Days - January
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