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Thursday 23 February 2017 to Sunday 02 April 2017, 10:00 to 20:00

This spring Arnolfini will be hosting a series of artists’ residencies in our gallery spaces.

Between Inbetween Time Festival and BABE 2017, we are excited to be hosting a series of residencies at Arnolfini, by artists working with performance. These will mostly be taking place in our first floor gallery spaces. There will be some open-studio sessions and presentations of work-in-progress where you can see what the artists are working on - see below for further details.

23 Feb - 26 Feb, Galleries 3 and 4: Interval

Interval is an artist led support network that shares a base at The Exchange on Corn Street, Bristol. They are a group of performance makers whose work spans, live art, contemporary theatre, dance, visual art, community work and sound art. Interval provides not only space to make but a collective within which to share, critique and push new ideas and research.  Interval will be working within the gallery spaces experimenting and playing with new ideas.

Join them between 12 and 1pm each day of their residency for lunch and to find out more about their work.

23 Feb - 26 Feb, Dark Studio: Marcus Jefferies & Colin Higginson

Over four consecutive days Jefferies and Higginson will investigate the nature of collaborative practice, recording their working process as it unfolds, working towards ideas for a new installation. They will re-present past work - utilising film, projections and objects exploring the relationship between architectural scale, modes of display and interior and exterior space.

Open to the public Thursday to Saturday 1.30 - 2.30 and 5.00 - 6.00; Sunday 1.00 - 2.00 and 4.00 - 6.00.

27 Feb - 3 Mar, Dark Studio: Emma Louvelle & Mark Ferbrache

Tea with Lyssa is a work in 'process' from House Du Bois, the collaborative name for artists Emma Louvelle & Mark Ferbrache, who both live with bi-polar. Mental health is far from a straight line, but swirls giddily, soars with whispers from the Gods, gurgles behind smiles, stagnates, scars and grinds. Tea with Lyssa is a performance that opens a door into that surreal abstract world that so many of us visit.

There will be a work-in-progress sharing on Thursday 2 March at 7pm.

 27 Feb – 10 Mar, Galleries 3 and 4: Ferment

Ferment is the artist development department of Bristol Old Vic. They will be supporting the following residencies at Arnolfini:

27 Feb - 4 Mar: Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas

During their time at Arnolfini, Bertrand and Nasi will be experimenting with a series of small destructive acts in the gallery context, provoking questions about what we consider of value and why the destruction of ancient artefacts is so shocking to Western eyes. They will be looking at both the durational aspect of the work—how long these acts can go on—but also the cleaning process and what their/the spectator's role might be in this. Will the Syrian authorities and the community of archaeologists around the world eventually decide to re-build Palmyra? Leave as it is? Clean up the rubble?

Join them for a work-in-progress sharing between 2 and 3 pm on Saturday 4 March.

10 March: Laila Diallo & Jules Maxwell

Dance artist Laila Diallo and theatre composer/songwriter Jules Maxwell present Countless Yellow Chairs.

3 - 6pm Free open studio session followed by a ticketed performance at 7:30. Further information here.

15 - 17 March, Gallery 3: Paul Hurley and Shaun Caton 

Shaun Caton creates multi-layered, immersive performances, of great resonance and psychological  intensity, that incorporate live drawing/ painting, ritual action, metamorphosis and experimental shadow play . Paul Hurley makes performances involving ritual, humour, food, and the carnivalesque. Over three days, the two artists will be playing with masks, rituals, bells, sound, light, relics and colour shadows to develop the piece STRANGE NEWES. This will be revealed to visitors in Gallery 3 on Weds 15th 1-2pm, Thurs 16th 1-3pm, and Fri 17th 1-4pm. The Newes will change every day.

1 Mar – 2 Apr, Reading Room and Bookshop: Collective Investigations

Collective Investigations (Egidija Čiricaitė and George Cullen) is a London-based platform for collaboration to indulge in experimental publishing, printing, book history and book culture. They will be working at Arnolfini in the run up to BABE 2017, developing work for our Reading Room and Bookshop about a hypothetical line that connects Arnolfini with libraries all over the world. (More information here).

18 – 23 March, Gallery 3: Lisa May Thomas

Dance artist and Bristol University research student Lisa May Thomas will be working on her project Touches, Tuning and Resonance – Beyond the Body. This is a multi-disciplinary project which explores the ways in which we touch, and are in-touch: it looks at the responsibility we have for ‘the other’ through revealing the ways in which different ‘networks of touch’ operate in our bodies and lives – such as the dynamics of molecular biology; the movement of migrating animals and peoples between localities; and the rhythms or algorithms of connectivity in the global virtual domain. The project will enable cross-disciplinary exchange between micro-biology and dance to develop original choreographic material which will enable dancers and spectators to become part of responsive and responsible networks.

Open sessions: Tuesday 21 March 4-6pm, and Thursday 23 March 2-4pm.

 27 – 31 Mar, Dark Studio: Luke Nickel

Luke Nickel is a Canadian composer based in Bristol. Between March 27-31 Luke will explore the intersection of rollercoaster simulations, conceptual art, and music. As a teenager, Luke spent most of his time building 3d rollercoasters and looking at pictures and videos of thrill rides around the world. He abandoned this pursuit when he discovered music composition—an act that has occupied him for the last 15 years. This residency is his first attempt at connecting these two seemingly disparate modes of construction.

Open session: Friday 31 March 6:30-7:30pm.

In addition, the writer Mary Paterson will be co-hosted by Arnolfini and Spike Island from January to March this year, on a residency supported by the Art Writers Group. Mary is a writer, artist and producer who works between text, poetry and performance. Her work is widely published and ranges from articles in (for example) The Guardian to artists' books like the self-destructing A_Impossible Reader (Norwich Art Centre, 2010). Her practice is driven by collaboration and dialogue. She will be giving a talk/performance on Tuesday 21 Feb. Look out for further updates about her residency.

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