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Tertulia - Writing Sound

Saturday 25 January 2014, 11:30 to 17:00

Co-curated by Tertulia (Bristol's art and language salon) and Daniela Cascella (author of En Abime: Listening, Reading, Writing - An Archival Fiction (Zero Books, 2012)), an exploration of overlaps in writing and sonic arts practices.

Terms such as art writing or performance writing have become common in recent years as visual artists have increasingly adopted writing as a medium. What then, about equivalents in music and sound art? This session brings together practitioners for whom writing and sound are integral, overlapping aspects of their work, to assess a hitherto undefined field.

Featuring performances and presentations from Daniela Cascella, Patrick Farmer, Phil Owen, David Toop, Salomé Voegelin and Caroline Wilkins.

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