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The Ruralists

Friday 10 April 1981 to Friday 15 May 1981, 22:00

PETER BLAKE, soon to have a retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London, will introduce THE RURALISTS at 5pm on Saturday. 11 April, followed by an introduction to the film SUMMER WITH THE BROTHERHOOD by the director, John Read. Gallery Two.
DAVID INSHAW painter will talk about his work, and NICHOLAS USHERWOOD
selector of THE RURALISTS will talk about their work at 5 pm and 5.30 pm respectively. Gallery Two.
ALFRED ST0CKHAM from Bristol, a painter associated with the Brotherhood of Ruralists, Saturday 25 April. Jann Haworth artist and initiator of The Looking Glass School at Wellow, on 16 May and 23 May. Workshops should be booked in advance through Katy McLeod, Arnolfini, or by picking up a leaflet/ booking form.
Arnolfini Cinema has organized three programmes of Films for the Ruralists: see cinema for details. The aim of this programme has been to provide a context for the Ruralist project not only by showing films on their 'heroes', but by including material which takes an opposing view.

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