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The Stage (Working Title)

Tuesday 14 February 2017 to Sunday 26 March 2017, 11:00 to 18:00

A collaborative project with the Master of Architecture course at UWE Bristol. Michael Daley, Subarna Gurung, Dhaval Hasmuclal, Thomas Sale, students tutored by Jonathan Mosley.

The Stage (Working Title) offers space for performance, gathering, idling and discussion. Following the idea of a performing architecture, the stage is conceived as a functioning and adaptable apparatus. Its elements are mobile and can be moved by performers and visitors alike. Configurations may create different territories, set up intimate or public spaces, enable informal social meeting or place all on view. Upon entering the gallery an individual or group may change the environment, thereby instigating interaction with others and raising the question, who and what is performing?

The Stage (Working Title) is a Design Research project developed by four Master of Architecture students, Mike Daley, Subarna Gurung, Dhaval Hasmuclal and Thomas Sale tutored by Associate Professor Jonathan Mosley. Design research is a process of searching for answers to an explicit set of questions using design as the principle method. Each student is pursuing an individual investigation through the design of the installation whilst also collaborating on its overall form. As such the project is a composite piece of design research and a site of experimentation rather than a finishing point.

The opening times of the gallery reflect the idea of a work-in-progress. Visitors are welcome to observe the construction of the stage, which will take place from 14th to 24th February in Gallery 1. From 25th February to 26th March, we invite visitors and artists to explore the meaning of staging with the designed elements. Please if you would like to use The Stage (Working Title) for a performance or a rehearsal in public.

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This event is part of Beyond the Fatigued Eye: A Season of Performance, Process & Work-in-Progress
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