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The Time Machine

Monday 15 November 2010 to Friday 26 November 2010, 23:00

A series of commissioned sound film re-scores, in which an old movie's Original Soundtrack is manipulated, edited, musically augmented and re-imagined, enacting a form of audio-visual
time travel via the sonic subjectivities of the musicians involved, and the storylines of the
chosen films themselves.

Tue 16 Nov 7.30pm
Sun Araw / Fellini's Satyricon (18)
£7.00/£5.00 Concs
From the City of Lights to the Eternal City via the age of Aquarius, LA-based musician and artist Sun Araw (Magic Lantern, Pocahaunted, Not Not Fun), brings his kaleidoscopic psychedelic sound to bear on Fellini's most decadent film. Almost a science fiction of ancient Rome, this free adaptation of Petronius' famous farcical chronicle is full of wild imagery and loose morals, orgies and slave galleys, gods and whores.
Dir. Fredrico Fellini, Italy, 1970, Edit

Sat 27 Nov 7.30pm
Bronnt Industries Kapital / Terminator 2: Judgement Day (15)
£7.00/£5.00 Concs
The second Terminator film is surprisingly spacious, introducing moments of hypnotic audio-visual lull, notably desert scenes and dream sequences, into the time travelling 'shoot-'em-up' pitting the Connor family against the rise of the machines. BIK (Get Physical records) will exploit the film's strangeness, manipulating its audio track to reappraise the on-screen narrative.
Dir. James Cameron, USA, 1991, Edit

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