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Uninvited Guests Guest House CD-ROM

Tuesday 02 January 2001 to Saturday 06 January 2001, 23:00

Wednesday 3 – Sunday 7 January 10.00am – 7.00pm (12pm – 7.00pm Sunday)
Uninvited Guests
Guest House CD-ROM
Gallery 3 (upstairs)
Guest House was commissioned in 1999 by Arnolfini and DA2 as a performance project exploring the interface between digital media and live presence. For Arnolfini's gallery, Uninvited Guests re-stage Guest House as an interactive 3D projection. Everything you see and hear in Guest House was recorded in a series of interviews: "Can you tell me about a room? What happened there?" The performance took the spectator on a tour of these rooms and events drawn from other peoples' memories. The interactive Guest House imagines the interviewees’ rooms brought together in a virtual structure, the form of which alludes both to computer gaming and an architectural 'walk-through'. Here, the spectator becomes a player in the work, opening other, virtual rooms in the space of the gallery. Project website:

The Guest House CD-ROM is published by DA2 and Digital Summer 2000 in association with Arnolfini Live. Available from Arnolfini bookshop £5.00.

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