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Uninvited Guests Love Letters Straight from the Heart

Sunday 20 August 2006, 22:00

Uninvited Guests
Love Letters Straight from the Heart
Mon 21 Aug 8.30pm
Work-in-Progress £3 / £2 concs / dark studio
Somewhere between a wedding reception and a radio show Uninvited Guests take requests and dedicate songs to others’ loves. They try to express the inexpressible, to speak of love without irony, as though they’ve felt all the greatest loves and losses in the world. This celebratory reception comes at the end of a weeklong residency. Please bring along amorous gifts, songs and dedications to loves past or present. Join them early in this process for conversation and a glass of something pink.
Between 14 and 21 August, Uninvited Guests will be in residency developing their new performance Love Letters Straight from the Heart. This work-in-progress performance will give the audience a unique chance to see the company’s working processes and discuss them with the artists.

We Live Here - Arnolfini Associate Artists
We Live Here is an artist development scheme inviting a selection of artists living and practising in Bristol to create works at Arnolfini, whilst offering audiences the opportunity to participate throughout the process of creation in a series of meetings, discussions, works in progress and performances.

These are Arnolfini’s Associate Artists for 2006/07, all of whom have already, or will be appearing at Arnolfini and its surrounds in the Autumn season: Bodies in Flight, Alex Bradley, Darkin Ensemble, Deer Park, These Horses, Spaghetti Club, The Special Guests, Uninvited Guests.
For more information about the artists, visit

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