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WEDF Talk // Amongst other things – Marina Willer

Tuesday 24 November 2015, 19:00 to 21:00

Design is more relevant when it's connected to life. It's responsive, aware, attuned. It succeeds or fails, not in isolation but right in amongst people, systems and space. Design cannot exist in a vacuum. 
Marina Willer

Amongst Other Things is not only the title of Marina Willer's talk but is also where she believes design sits within the world, surrounded by culture and firmly embedded in reality.

Marina will talk about these ideas as well as how design and work fits into her life - amongst other things - and how her life inspires her work.

Marina will also discuss her role as a partner at Pentagram, Head Creative Director at Wolff Olins and judge at D&AD. She will also talk about the ups and downs of her journey as a designer, her successes and failures, and making films with hose pipes and washing machines.

To find out more, visit the WEDF website.


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