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Salon: Fictions and Ethnomusicology

Saturday 30 November 2013, 13:00 to 16:45

An afternoon’s informal salon on the theme of fiction and ethnomusicology consisting of talks by four guest speakers and a roundtable discussion, interleaved with listenings, and readings from a diverse collection of texts.

With: Daniela Cascella, John O' Connell, Manuella Blackburn, Phil Owen

This salon will be concerned with a systematic unsettling of borders- imagined and institutional, enforced by law and regulated by tradition- which claim stability but remain susceptible to various forms of disruption. Across its programme, conceptions of nationhood come into question, historical assertions are troubled, dream and reality merge. Its approach will be at once critical and creative, sprawling across talks, performances, listening sessions, film screenings and discussions as it attends to scarcely explored histories of listening, contemporary practice in sonic art, ballet and folk song, public record and private memory.

This collective exploration will consider how fictional and deeply subjective experiences might propose a different, riskier definition of truth, one that would challenge received ethics, global hierarchies, colonial legacies, and the traditional opposition of self and Other.

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